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Hi everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, one of our roomies has had a particularly lucky week this week! Let me tell you all about it:) xxxxyvonnexxxxx was playing on Valentine’s Day after getting all the bonuses from the card.  She was playing on one of her favourite games, Crystal Balls and won over £1000 just after 5pm.  What a start to the night eh?? As if that wasn’t amazing enough for Valentine’s weekend; she was back on Saturday night playing Crystal Balls again and won ANOTHER £1000 just before 7pm!  I spoke to her earlier in the week and she told me: “I would like to say a big thanks to all at Love Your Bingo! Thanks to the promotion that was running, I was so happy winning a thousand on Valentine’s ight but to win the even more on Saturday was amazing esp as my oldest is at university, I can’t wait to splash out kids already have a list, lol! Good luck everyone x

Well, that in itself was quite the winner story but THEN, after seeing her sister’s win on Facebook, xxlucky_miloxx who hadn’t been on the site for ages decided to come back and try her luck.  Wow, did SHE come back with a bang?? She bought a couple of strips in Cashtastic on Tuesday afternoon and walked away with over £970!!!

Finally, to top off an INCREDIBLE week on the site, last night, xxxxyvonnexxxxx was playing bingo and after a 30p stake, won £527 before scooping ANOTHER £1000 win on Crystal Balls – OMG!!!!!!

Well there you have it roomies, this could be you! Imagine having a week like that eh?? I want to hear loads MORE stories like this so to celebrate yvonne’s week, I’ve got a code which will give all of you up to 75% back on ALL deposits until midnight.  You can claim £100 for this, wahey! Enter code ‘WIN‘ now and you will be credited automatically each time you deposit.  Come on then roomies, get me those winner stories!!!:)

Doris x

*Please note – the code is valid from 5pm – midnight on Friday 21st February only.

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